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The best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with a purebred dog is to purchase from a responsible breeder.

Two Bloodhound puppies sitting together - example of Bloodhounds.Please be aware that purchasing a puppy through a classified ad, either in a newspaper or magazine, or from an online website is not always the best way to find a qualified breeder. While a website may show a clean kennel with beautiful dogs, those dogs may not actually be from the kennel shown. It is very easy to "borrow" pictures from a website and transfer them elsewhere.

Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club (NEMKC) maintains a Breeder Referral Service, however the breed you are seeking may not be available from a club member. The service attempts to find other qualified breeders in the state of Maryland but may not have relationships with every possible breed. Therefore, we encourage you to visit the Parent Club of the breed you are considering or check breeder classified ads on the AKC web site, The Parent Clubs will have a representative who will put you in touch with a breeder in your area. NEMKC feels that this is the safest way to insure that you are buying a quality dog.

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Best of luck in your search and may you find the puppy of your dreams!!!