Annual Awards Dinner
Alisa Matricciani

Annual Picnic
Debbie Heydt

Emergency Fund
Betty Cox Sharon Olszewski, Carol Wiley

Finance Committee
Beverly Budnick, Debbie Heydt, Mary Lou Olsewski

Good Sportsman Award

Mary Lou Olszewski,
Joyce Engle & Beverly Budnick,
Debra Warfield
Sharon Olszewski
Betty Cox


Corey Turner

To be selected by the NEMKC BOD – August 2019

Events Committee

Joyce Engle, Chair
Beverly Budnick
Betty Cox
Debbie Heydt
Ali Mahon
Judi Mayberry
Mary Lou Olszewski
Sharon Olszewski
Lyn Skillman
Hannah Ward
Carol Wiley

Obedience & Rally Trials Committee
Joyce Engle, Chair
Mary Lou Olszewski, Co-Chair
Sharon Olszewski, Hospitality
Judi Mayberry, Obedience
Joyce Engle,  Public Education
Jeanne & Hannah Ward, Rally
Hannah Ward, Ribbons
Mary Lou Olszewski, Stewards

Responsible Dog Ownership Day
Corey Turner, Chair

Public Education 
Event Chairs are responsible for promoting their events.

Scent Work Committee
Joyce Engle, Chair

Judi Mayberry, Co-Chair

Judi Mayberry, Volunteer Coordinator

Hannah Ward, Ribbons

Show – All Breed – July & November
Steve Skolnick, Chair
Mary Lou Olszewski

Alisa Matricciani, Co-Chair
Afternoon Hospitality - Beverly Budnick, Joyce Engle
Announcer -  Nita Snyder
Catalogs -  Carol & Jerry Wiley
Equipment Trailers - Tommy & Ann Schultz
Flags & Table Cloths - Jeanne Ward
Hospitality - Debbie Heydt,  Jeanne Ward
Judges Hospitality - Sharon Olszewski
Luncheon -  Debra Warfield, Lyn Skilman, Ali Mahon
Transportation - Alicia Matricciani & Molly Dunkin (December)
Treasurer -  Mary Lou Olszewski
Trophies -  Betty Cox
Vendors - Reed Family

Website Coordinators 
Mary Lou Olszewski
Joyce Engle

2019 NEMKC Key Positions

Breeder Referral
Carol Wiley

Joyce Engle
Sharon Olszewski



Legislative Liaison
Molly Dunkin

Meeting Hospitality Coordinator


Beverly Budnick

Policies & Procedures

Public Education
Event Chairs

Event Chairs

Ready to Wear
Jeanne & Hannah Ward