Annual Awards Dinner
Karen Blevins

Annual Picnic
Alisa Matricciani
Mary Lou Olszewski

Breeder Referral

Canine Good Citizen Evaluators
Sharon Olszewski

Emergency Fund
Betty Cox, Sharon Olszewski

Performance Committee
Alisa Matricciani, Chair
   Chair- Chris Saint
   Rally - Jeanne Ward
   Ribbons - Hannah Ward
   Stewards - Judi Mayberry
   Treasurer: - Darrell Roll

Scent Work Committee:
Judi Mayberry

Finance Committee
Ann M. Schultz, Darrell Roll, Mary Lou Olszewski

Good Sportsman Award
Sharon Olszewski, Betty Cox, Alisa Matricciani, Darrell Roll

Health – RDO / Health Days
Heather Stout

Darrell & Dyana Roll

Legislative Liaison
Ann Schultz

Laura Holbein

To be selected by the NEMKC BOD – August

Policies & Procedures:
NEMKC Board reviews and updates.

Ready to Wear
Jeanne & Hannah Ward

Shows – All Breed – July  
Alisa Matricciani, Chair

Alicia Reed

Website Coordinators
Mary Lou Olszewski
Darrell Roll

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