When disaster hits, do you know what to do for your pets?


A disaster can strike anytime. It could be for a day or weeks in case of a pandemic flu. Preparing in advance of a disaster is the best way to keep you and your pets out of danger. 

If you are confined to your home! 

  • Keep your pets inside.
  • Build a Disaster Kit—store supplies in a plastic container with a secure fitting lid
  • Store nonperishable food and water Dry food for one week and one gallon of water for each pet. Rotate food every three months to keep it fresh.
  • Include a leash, collar, and or harness for each animal.
  • Pack medication and vet records
  • Cleaning supplies—Paper towels, plastic trash bags, newspapers, towels, blankets, grooming items and bleach for disinfecting.

If you and your pets need to be evacuated!

  • Always, take your pets with you.
  • Keep a current copy of vet records and rabies certificate in your vehicle glove box
  • Keep a spare leash and collar with an ID tag including your cell number in your vehicle
  • Crate/exercise pen is recommended for a longer term stay.
  • Take a minimum of three days of food, water and any medications.
  • Include a FIRST AID KIT, flashlight, batteries, and a manual can opener.

First Aid Kit Includes:
Bandages, gauze pads, scissors, tweezers/hemostats, needle and thread, soap, antiseptic wipes, alcohol-based hand wash, thermometer, petroleum jelly, antacids, laxatives, pain relievers, moist towelettes, super glue, and latex disposal gloves.

Sanitation Kit includes:
Five (5) gallon bucket with lid, plastic trash bags with ties, pooper scooper, and household bleach for disinfecting.

If you must leave your Pets!

  • Keep dogs and cats in separate rooms, preferably without a window like a garage, utility room, or a basement.
  • Leave enough food and water for several days.
  • Post a note advising pets are inside and your evacuation site and phone number.

Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club
Pet Disaster Plan




The single most important thing you can do to protect your pets is to take them with you.

Even if you plan to return in a few hours, take your pets along for the ride. Too often animal owners intend to return home only to be deterred by the forces of nature.

We recommend that you assemble disaster supplies and have a plan for what to do before, during and after emergencies.

Taking preparatory action can insure that you are ready and in control to face a disaster.

Have a current copy of your pet’s RABIES vaccination in the glove box of your vehicle.

Take a copy of your pet health re-cords as your vet may also be evacuating.

Keep a spare leash and collar in your vehicle including an identification tag which includes your cell number on the collar (remember your home phone won’t help)

Crate/exercise pen is recommended for a longer term stay.

Evacuate with a minimum of three days supply of medications and pet food.

Have photographs of your pets in the event you become separated.

Include a FIRST AID KIT, flashlight, batteries, portable radio, and a manual.


As the fire roars near, or the waters rise deep
You can hear their loud cries,
You can hear them all weep.
You feed them each day, you told them to stay,
And now when they need you, don’t turn them away.
When you vowed to love, when you vowed to care
You promised to sacrifice, and vowed to prepare.
Remember in time of trouble and strife
You are responsible for more than one life.
You need to plan, to think and prepare
For all those who need you
Who depend on your care.
(Author unknown)

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