Established to help Harford & Cecil Counties

The Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club Emergency Fund has been established to help Harford and Cecil County residents in dire need of care for their pets provided funds are budgeted and/or available from the Club’s Treasury. This fund is for emergency treatment and is not intended to provide long term care for a companion animal. Each incidence will be limited to a maximum donation of $350.00 unless by a majority vote, the Emergency Fund Committee chooses to increase the amount for a specific situation. An increased amount will require Finance Committee approval. The Emergency Fund Chair will report any decision to provide care for a companion animal to the Finance Committee and subsequently to the membership.

Request Assistance

Any request for assistance will be submitted to the Emergency Fund Chair, who will promptly send the request to the committee members. A maximum of forty-eight (48) hours response from the committee to the requester is expected.

Emergency Fund Committee

The Emergency Fund Committee annual openings will be published with a Volunteer Form (VF) request appointed annually by the NEMKC Board of Directors. It is recommended that all members of Emergency Fund Committee must have e-mail capability to facilitate immediate decision-making.

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