The GOOD SPORTSMAN AWARD initiated in 1992, is considered the most prestigious award that can be bestowed on any member of the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club. This award will be presented at the December, Annual Awards Dinner. Members will be encouraged to submit individual nominations to the Committee in writing. However, the decision as to who wins this award is made solely and secretly by the Good Sportsman Award Committee which is comprised of the five previous award winners. Also, the five previous Good Sportsman Award Committee members can also decide whether or not to award in any particular year. If the Good Sportsman Award Committee chooses to withhold an award in any year they must inform the NEMKC Board of that decision. The award is generally kept confidential until the awards dinner.

The NEMKC Board of Directors voted in November 2012 to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of this award with the following.

  1. That the last five winners meet as a committee and agree on a worthy candidate. The most recent member shall be responsible for calling the meeting.
  2. That this committee keep the results a secret within the committee until the name of the recipient is revealed at the Annual Awards Banquet. No club member outside of this committee will have access or involvement in the selection.
  3. This would require that a member of the committee be selected or volunteer to place the order for the award. Details of how to accomplish this will be provided by the Treasurer.
  4. Also, it is recommended that the committee select one of the five previous award recipients to do the presentation at the Annual Awards banquet.

The following criteria has been established as a guideline for the Good Sportsman Award Committee: The recipient of the Good Sportsman Award must:

  • Be a member in good standing of both the NEMKC and AKC.
  • Have a caring attitude toward all breeds of dogs.
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship and ethics at all times - both in the show ring and in all matters pertaining to the club
  • Possess character above reproach both in and out of the show ring.
  • Attend and/or participate in as many club activities as possible; volunteer; carry out all assignments; be flexible and willing to take on extra work or assist other club members when needed.
  • Demonstrate a cooperative attitude toward our club members at all times.
  • Be considerate, especially of guests and prospective new club members.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) will acknowledge the NEMKC Good Sportsman Award recipients in the following way:

  1. Recipients will receive a medallion signifying the award from the AKC
  2. The name of the recipient for each year will be posted on the AKC site.
  3. Both 1 & 2 can be accomplished with an email to Neil Singer at the AKC, Neil must be notified annually to request the award as well as providing him the name of the person receiving the award for the AKC website.

Created: November 2003
Revised: November 2012, March 2014

Congratulations and THANK YOU to all our NEMKC Good Sportsmanship Winners:

2023 Judi Mayberry
2022: Not Awarded
2021: Darell Roll
2020: No award due to COVID
2019: Alisa Matricciani
2018: Betty Cox
2017: Sharon Olszewski
2016: Debra Warfield
2015: Beverly Budnick & Joyce Engle
2014: Mary Lou Olszewski
2013: Jeanne & Hannah Ward
2012: Ann & Tommy Schultz
2011: Jackie Aiken
2010: Joe Engers
2009: Kay Bleinberger
2008: Jack Arthur
2007: Alma McLean
2006: Joe Alluisi
2005: Norma Ryan
2004: Bobbi Compton
2003: Linda Billings
2002: Wayne & Joyce Kirn
2001: Mary Stacey
2000: Joan Taylor
1999: No Recepient
1998: Juanita Burkart
1997: Alma Contrino
1996: Renee Hodge
1995: Clyde Robertson
1994: Ed & Carol Keyser
1993: Naomi Engers
1992: Joe Engers

*Policy was created in 2003. However annual awards were awarded.