The NEMKC general meetings usually offer an education program, followed by our formal meeting. In between these two sessions it has become a club custom to offer refreshments to members who attend.

At our November general meeting our Hospitality Chair, Debra Warfield, [email protected] circulates a list for members to sign up for the month in which they would like to bring refreshments:

Here is the list of those bringing refreshments for 2017:

January         - Carol Wiley

March             - Mary Lou & Sharon Olszewski

April               - Heather Stout

May                - Betty Cox

June               - Debbie Heydt & Debra Warfield

July                 - Sheri Namovicz

August            - Picnic

September     - Alonzo, Alicia & Donna Reed

October          - Lyn Skillman & Ali Mahon

November      - Joyce Engle

December      - Annual Awards Banquet

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