In respect to the NEMKC By-Laws it is the responsibility of the Recording Secretary to receive and process membership applications; however, with the approval of the Board, a Membership Chair  may be appointed to act in this capacity.  Our current membership chair is Beverly Budnick

The Membership Chair will accept membership applications and fees and will subsequently provide a copy of each application for the Recording Secretary to keep on file.  The Membership Chair will be responsible for keeping a complete up-to-date file of applications and records of fees submitted to the Treasurer.

Each prospective member will have two sponsors.  The sponsor(s) of the prospective new member will introduce the prospective new member and will read the application and make any comments he/she deems pertinent to acceptance as a member of the club.  This will be accomplished at the first scheduled club meeting following receipt of the application by the Membership Chair.

Applications may be submitted at any time, either at a scheduled club meeting or directly to the Membership Chair.  The membership process shall be as follows:

  1. Prospective members name and address will be published electronically to all members.
  2. Members will have until the next scheduled general meeting to provide feedback to the membership chair.
  3. If there is negative feedback the application will be tabled for further NEMKC Board review.
  4. Positive feedback will result in a member vote at the next scheduled club meeting during the months of January, April, July and October provided that the prospective new member had attended  a minimum of two out of three consecutive meetings prior to the vote.
  5. At the time of voting the applicant must be present.
  6. All new member applications up for vote will be read by the Membership Chair.
  7. A secret ballot will quickly be distributed to all members attending the general meeting with a simple Yes or No on the ballot.
  8. Ballots will be counted by two members appointed at that meeting and the results will be presented to the President who will welcome the new member(s).

New member application require ¾ of the members present to elect each new applicant.  In the event the MEMBERSHIP CHAIR is not present, duties will be assumed by the RECORDING SECRETARY.

Each new member will receive a copy of a “New Member” packet which contains copies of the Club's Constitution and By-Laws, Policies & Procedures, Phone Tree, Membership Directory, etc.

Members voted in after October are not required to pay dues until January.    Dues for members voted in earlier in the year will be prorated.



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