The Mentoring Committee has been established to quickly assimilate new members and improve overall new member retention.   A procedure will be followed by the committee to make prospective and new members feel welcome and learn about the club, and to assist current members with issues.  This procedure will work in parallel with the NEMKC Board, Constitution, policies, procedures, committees, and initiatives.

There will be at least three people on the committee.  However, Officers, Board Members, Committees, and club members will be called upon for their expertise, guidance and mentor capability.


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The President will welcome prospective members or guests during general meetings.  A sponsor or member of the club will make the President and everyone aware of prospective members, prior to the meeting, by having them wear a “My First Meeting” Medallion.  Two medallions are available from the Mentoring Committee. The President will ask for other guests in case there are more than two at a meeting.  During refreshments, the President will introduce guests to the Mentoring Committee so that each prospective member will be offered club information.


The Membership Committee will send new member contact information to the Mentoring Committee Chair, no later than 2 weeks prior to a voting meeting.    This allows time to personalize and print the NEMKC New Member Package(s) for the meeting.  The Mentoring Committee will make every effort to complete a new member’s initial mentoring in three months.  The Mentoring Committee will use this procedure for new members:

 a. When a person or family is voted into the club at a general meeting, the President will welcome them and introduce them to their initial mentor. The mentor will also welcome them and give them a New Member Package containing, at a minimum these items:

  • Welcome letter from the President of NEMKC
  • Name tag(s)
  • Membership Directory
  • Public information: web links to the Constitution and By-Laws, general and board meeting times & location and annual events
  • Access to the Members Only portion of the NEMKC website that contains a directory, information and reports.
  • Resource List
  • Description of events and activities
  • New member survey Mentor name and contact information, orientation meeting offer
  • Other information as determined by the Board

b. In the New Member Package, there is a request to complete a survey and an optional Orientation Meeting. The new member may opt out of the Orientation Meeting given they feel it is unnecessary. However, the mentor should check with the new member at meetings and events to help them feel welcome and provide an opportunity to ask questions.

c.  Upon receipt of the survey, the initial mentor will determine if an Orientation Meeting needs to be scheduled and if they can meet with the new member. If the initial mentor is unable to hold the meeting, they may request that another mentor from the committee be assigned but must act in a timely manner.

d.  During an Orientation Meeting, the mentor will use the survey. The mentor will discuss the member’s answers with them for clarity, get to know each other and answer their questions.

e.  As necessary, using the survey, Orientation Meeting notes and the club’s Mentor Resource list, the mentor will develop a plan to guide the new member(s) to activities related to their interests. The mentor and new member will revise the plan until the member is satisfied. This plan is confidential.

f.  The Mentoring Committee will work with new members for a period of one year after they join the club.


The Mentoring Committee will use this procedure for members that have been with the club for one year or more.  The NEMKC will provide a suggestion box, placed on a table near the door, at each General Meeting.  A club member may utilize the 3”x5” cards to request a discussion at the next Board Meeting.  The member may sign the card or remain anonymous but they are always welcome to attend the Board Meeting. The NEMKC Board will allow ten minutes for this discussion during the meeting.  If the discussion requires more time, it may be continued at the next Board meeting, or if time critical, earlier. Club member requests will be held in high regard at all times.

A club member survey will be issued during the last quarter of the year.  This will provide input to NEMKC Board and Committee members for new year plans.  The results will be posted via Canine Capers or email prior to the December dinner.

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