If we learned something new about our dogs every day how much smarter would we be in just one month, six months or even a year? There’s so much to learn about dogs! For example, their breed characteristics, their health, how they communicate with humans, their quirks and nuances just to name a few. We should all make an effort to learn something new every day for the sake of our dogs!

At NEMKC our members want to share what we learn, learn from you, and help you find the resources you need to have a fulfilling life with your pet.  To encourage continual learning NEMKC provides educational speakers at our monthly general meetings (see google Club calendar) and all of these meetings are open to the public.   We strived to attend events to reach out to the community and will continue this effort.  Look for us at local events in Maryland and especially Harford and Cecil Counties.

At each community event we bring our dogs so that you can meet and ask about our individual breeds. We come prepared with trifold displays of great information and hand out free brochures, coloring books, pencils, pens and many other useful items. If you see us at a local Maryland event stop by and say hello.  Our most popular hand out is always the Pet Disaster Plan since it’s so important to be prepared for emergencies. The Pet Disaster Plan is always available at . Many of the brochures and children’s items are available at .

The Responsible Dog Ownership Days are a great opportunity to try activities like obedience, rally and agility with your dog! The motto for the day is “My dog can do that!” and they really can at this event! You and your dog will love this day! You will enjoy free demonstrations like trick dog, search and rescue, Sheriff’s Department K9 work, and grooming techniques. You can also talk to trainers, meet the breeds, take the Canine Good Citizen test (fee), take the Trick Dog Test (fee), get your dog’s nails trimmed (fee) or a micro chip (fee). Admission is free and there’s food available for you and your dog.

Calendar at or at which publicizes the event as well. NEMKC is a two time winner of the AKC”s prestigious Community Achievement Award for our Responsible Dog Ownership Days.

Photos from our community events