To NEMKC Members:

As NEMKC members we all have a responsibility to volunteer for at least one club function annually.

We also encourage all members to let us know when there is an opportunity that your talents and interest would lend well. This volunteer form is one way in which you can let us know what you are interested in doing for our Club.

In the spirit of transparency, all open positions (committees, board, functions, etc.) within the club will be posted via email so any member can submit the Volunteer Form to be considered for the job.

Committee Chairs are encouraged to complete a brief description of the open position, including a deadline for the decision and submit it to the President to be announced via email. The NEMKC Board of Directors and Committee Chairs will review the Volunteer Forms received prior to filling any open positions.

Please return any completed Volunteer Forms to Bev Budnick, Corresponding Secretary, babudnick@yahoo.com. These forms can be emailed or handed in at any general or board meeting.

Volunteer Form in PDF format

Created: May 2014, Revised: June 2015

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